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Upload Logo


API Details
NameUpload Logo
DescriptionUploads a logo that can be used for embedding in CloudCenter resources (Create Tenant, Update Tenant, Create Service, or Update Service).
CloudCenter ReleaseIntroduced in CloudCenter 4.0.
  • For additional context on <PORT> usage in the following example(s), see Base URI Format.
  • Upload the logo image before creating a service. If you do not upload a logo and provide the existing logo path prior to Creating a Service, then the logo image from the currently-provided path is deleted and this logo image is moved to another location after the service is created.
File names for a Unison file synchronization process have a size limitation of 140 characters. If the file name is longer than this limit, then the Unison synchronization process fails recursively and other image files, including logo images, cannot be synchronized.
ESB Headeraction: create.appstore.upload


curl -k -X POST -H "Accept: application/json" -u cliqradmin:40E45DBE57E35ECB "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/appstore/upload" --form logoImageFile=@ubuntu1404.png

This request does not use /v1 in the request call.


    "logoPath": "/assets/img/temp/d12cd950-59d6-4ee4-851a-e4fc4a48698e-ubuntu1404.png"

Request Attributes

  • Description: The path inclusive of the name of the logo image file to upload in the local file system:
    • The supported image formats are PNG and JPG.
  • Type: String


Response Attributes

  • Type: String
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