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View Log Elements


API Details
NameView Log Elements

View log levels and log tracking status for the CCO, CCM, or Application VM servers. See Locate Log Files for additional context.

  • v1/logs (CCM)
  • v1/logs?nodeType=CCO&regionId=CloudRegionId (CCO)
  • v1/logs?nodeType=WORKER &regionId=CloudRegionId &nodeId=nodeId (depends on the cloud – Application VM)
CloudCenter ReleaseIntroduced in CloudCenter 4.4.
  • For additional context on <PORT> usage in the following example(s), see Base URI Format.
  • The following table provides additional details on permissions to issue this API.

    ServerAPI Permissions
    CCMOnly root admin
    CCOAny tenant admin with the following permissions:
    • Has access to the cloud region
    • Has a user cloud account configured on the CCO
    Worker (Application VM)Any user who has MANAGE or AUTHORIZE access to the deployment environment used to start the job (that started the node).
ESB Header
  • action (CCM): get.logs
  • action (CCO): get.logs
    actionparam: nodeType=CCO
  • action (Application VM): get.logs
    actionparam: nodeType=WORKER &regionId=CloudRegionId &nodeId=
    nodeId (depends on the cloud)


curl -k -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -u cliqradmin:40E45DBE57E35ECB "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/logs" 


    "nodeType": "CCM",
    "logPackages": [{
        "packageName": "com.osmosix",
        "level": "DEBUG",
        "enabled": true
    }, {
        "packageName": "com.cliqr",
        "level": "DEBUG",
        "enabled": true
    }, {
        "packageName": "com.osmosix.commons.communication",
        "level": "INFO",
        "enabled": true
    }, {
        "packageName": "org.springframework.core",
        "level": "INFO",
        "enabled": true
    }, {
        "packageName": "PROTOCOL_MESSAGE",
        "level": "INFO",
        "enabled": true
    }, {
        "packageName": "org.apache.http",
        "level": "TRACE",
        "enabled": false

Request Attributes

  • Description: A string that identifies the component server for each deployment.
  • Type: Enumeration

    CCMThe CCM component
    CCOThe CCO component
    WORKERThe Application VM component

  • DescriptionUnique, system-generated identifier for the cloud region 
  • Type: String

Retrieves the region identifier to map to the CCO or the Application VM

  • DescriptionUnique, system-generated identifier for the cloud region 
  • Type: String
  • Description: Unique, system-generated identifier for a cloud region
  • Type: String

  • DescriptionUnique identifier for the node – generated by the cloud provider

  • Type: String

Identifies the ID for the application VM on which the log operations must be performed

Response Attributes

  • Description: Detail about each log file level and status.
  • Type: Sequence of log packages details

    • Description: The log file name for this package. 
    • Type: String
    • Description: The log level for this file.
    • Type: Enumeration

      ALLAll levels of logging
      DEBUGDetailed information on the system flow and are generally written to logs.
      ERROROther runtime errors or unexpected conditions and are generally visible on the CCM UI.
      FATALSevere errors that cause premature termination and are generally visible on th CCM UI.
      INFOStartup or shut down runtime events and are are generally visible on the CCM UI.
      so be conservative and keep to a minimum.
      TRACEDetailed log information and are generally written to logs.
      WARNUse of deprecated APIs, poor use of API, other runtime situations that are undesirable or unexpected and area generally visible on the CCM UI
       TRACE_INT Detailed log information and are generally written to logs.
      OFFTurns off logging.
    • Description: Indicates that this resource has been enabled.

      • true = resource has been enabled
      • false = resource has not been enabled (default)
    • Type: Boolean
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