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  • Description: Identifies if the type is a DEPLOYMENT. If so, CloudCenter provides additional details for this deployment.
  • Type: Sequence of deployment attributes

    • DescriptionUnique, system-generated identifier for the deployment. 
    • Type: String
    • Description: The project name
    • Type: String
    • Description: The state of the deployment after it is deployed.
    • Type: Enumeration

      Healthy The application is successfully deployed and all nodes are up and running (detected via a heartbeat within the heartbeat timeout interval window).
      UnhealthyThe application is in the process of being terminated.
      DownOne or more nodes are detected as not reachable by the CCO and the deployment is deemed unusable (due to the number of active nodes being less than the number of minimum nodes set for any application tier).
      ErrorThe deployment encountered an error state.
      InProgressThe deployment is submitted and in progress.
      NoStatusThe deployment does not have a status.


    • Description: Unique, system-generated identifier for the user who owns this project.
    • Type: String
    • Description: Identifies if this the Suspend Job action is supported for this job:
      • true = Job can be suspended.
      • false = Default. Job cannot be suspended.
    • Type: Boolean
    • Description: Identifies if this resource contain external services.
    • Type: Boolean 
      • true = The deployment contains external services.
      • false = Default. The deployment does not contain external services.
    • Description: Identifies if this deployment is in the terminated state (see Deployment and VM States for addtional context):
      • true = Deployment is terminated.
      • false = Default. Deployment is terminated.
    • Type: Boolean
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