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Supported Datacenters and Private Clouds

The CloudCenter platform supports datacenters or private clouds built using the following technology stacks.

Cloud Family


VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director 5.1

VMware vCloud Director 5.5

VMware vCloud Director 5.6
VMware vSphere/vCenter

VMware vSphere 5.1

VMware vSphere 5.5
VMware vCenter 6.0  (Effective CloudCenter 4.3)
OpenStackOpenstack Havana

Openstack Icehouse

OpenStack Juno
OpenStack Kilo (Effective CloudCenter 4.4)
OpenStack Liberty (Effective CloudCenter 4.4)

CloudStack 4.4

CiscoCisco UCS Director (UCSD)
MicrosoftAzure Pack Update Rollup 6 and later

Bracket Computing Cell (Effective CloudCenter 4.3)

Listed in in this section as this cloud does not have the concept of image sharing or the concept of regions. Under some conditions, you may require more than one CCO per deployment. See Install CloudCenter > Appliance Install (CCO, CCM, and AMQP) for additional context.

CliQr does not provide out-of-box image mapping for datacenters or managed private clouds. Once you set up image mapping (see Map Images) for application VMs (Ubuntu1204), the available Services are displayed.

CloudCenter 4.5 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of October 23, 2017. See End of Life Notices for additional context.
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