Cisco CloudCenter 4.6.2 Release Notes

Release Date

December 16, 2016


No updates.



CloudCenter 4.6.2 is only available for Manual Installation (using installer files). See Installation Approach for additional context.


The core_upgrader.bin file is ONLY required for specific versions and is specific to each component. This file IS REQUIRED to upgrade from CloudCenter 4.6.x to CloudCenter 4.6.2 (to upgrade the CCO and the Docker External Scripts Executor).

See Upgrade in Non-HA Mode and Upgrade in HA Mode for additional context.

Model, Deploy, and Manage

  • When launching Chef and Puppet OOB service prior to CloudCenter 4.6.2, users did not have the option to specify the attached volumes. Effective CloudCenter 4.6.2 and later, users can specify scaling parameters in the Orchestration group and inherit the parameter values in the Chef or Puppet services. See Service Administration for additional context.

Govern and Administer

No updates.


CloudCenter 4.6.2 includes enhanced security for the Docker external script executor.

See the following procedures for additional context on dedicated servers for the Docker container:


No updates.


No updates.


No updates.


Known Issues

CloudCenter 4.6.2 has the following known issue:

  • On the Job Details page for VCD clouds, the VM management action displays an error. As a workaround, use the VM Reports action.
  • If the application profile contains an external service, then 24 hours after you deploy the application, the node hours displays a strange number.  
  • The windows credentials are not available as a variable in the external lifecycle pre-init script.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in CloudCenter 4.6.2:

  • Issue: When invoking an IPAM Callout script, the vmName and vmOSName properties were missing in environment variables. 
    Resolution: These two properties were available in pre-4.6 releases and were added back to CloudCenter 4.6.2 and the IPAM Callout scripts function as designed.

  • Issue: The CloudCenter 4.6.1 version of the IPAM callout script naming strategy for the Default and Macro Replacement options does not pass in the vmName variable to the IPAM callout script. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to address this issue and the IPAM callout scripts function as designed. See Callout Scripts for additional context.

  • Issue: When you migrate a source deployment, the backup script does not execute as designed. 
    Resolution: The application settings were missing for this operation and CloudCenter 4.6.2 includes a fix to send the information directly to the CCO to ensure that the script is executed.
  • Issue: The password for custom service parameters is displayed in clear text in exported JSON files. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to encrypt the plain text password in exported JSON files.
  • Issue: Password-type parameters are logged in clear text in the DEBUG mode logs.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to ensure that passwords are no longer displayed in DEBUG log files.
  • Issue: Null Pointer Exception (NPE) error is displayed in the log messages during a VMware deployment 
    Resolution: When the same user error is repeated each time, the resulting NPE error messages can clog the system. CloudCenter 4.6.2 includes a fix to exclude these errors in the log messages so the system can continue to function as designed.
  • Issue: When using CloudCenter 4.6.1 to deploy a RHEL7 VM to vCenter ESXi 5.1, the deployment does not complete and eventually times out. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to address this issue and deployments using ESXi 5.1 complete as designed.
  • Issue: The node fails to initialize stating that the cliqruser role does not exist  
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to address this issue and the functionality now works as designed. You must update the CDN repository and related bundles for existing instances.
  • Issue: The reboot functionality is not supported in the external VM pre-init lifecycle phase.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to ensure that the reboot takes place before the external pre-init script completes.
  • Issue: For GCE cloud regions, CloudCenter seems to ignore JVM proxy settings. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.6.2 provides a fix to honor proxy settings for GCE clouds.
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