Cisco CloudCenter 4.7.1x Release Notes

Release Date

  • First Published:
    • CloudCenter 4.7.1 – January 27, 2017 
    • CloudCenter – February 6, 2017
    • CloudCenter – March 13, 2017
  • Last Modified: March 24, 2017


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The location and procedure to download software has changed to

See Installation Overview > Installation Download Details for detailed instructions.

Where relevant, all download instructions are updated to point to the new location.


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Administration and Governance

Added on March 24, 2017:

As the password parameter was encrypted effective CloudCenter 4.7.1, Cisco does not support application profile imports from CloudCenter 4.7.1 to earlier CloudCenter versions.

Cisco supports application profile imports from earlier CloudCenter versions to versions later than CloudCenter 4.7.1.


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Known Issues

CloudCenter 4.7.1 has the following known issues:

  • If your deployment uses the HA mode, each log statement is prepended with a unique host ID that is issued when you create an instance. Each log event  generated from either CCM/CCO is persisted into the Elasticsearch along with the unique host ID (picked up from This unique host identifier will be the same for appliance based installs. To differentiate each instance, you must manually edit these IDs and ensure that they are unique to differentiate between downloaded log files.

  • When using callout scripts, the re-inject setting in the callout.conf file is ignored.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in CloudCenter 4.7.1:

  • Issue: The password for custom service parameters is displayed in clear text in exported JSON files.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 provides a fix to encrypt the plain text password in exported JSON files. While this issue was initially listed in the CloudCenter 4.6.1 release notes, CloudCenter 4.7.1 provides independent encryption of keys for an additional level of security.

  • Issue: If a user is disabled, the CloudCenter platform decommissions servers without a warning message.
    Resolution: Effective CloudCenter 4.7.1, the CloudCenter platform verifies if any running deployments exist for a user or tenant. If found, then the CloudCenter platform does not allow this operation to proceed. A running deployment includes deployments in the In Progress, Running, Deployed, or Error (CliqrAppIgnoreFaliure) states.

  • Issue: When logging in to the CloudCenter platform using SSO, the publish application profiles to ServiceNow Plugin does not work. However, it seems to work if you use the root cliqradmin credentials to log in.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 provides a fix for this issue and the plugin functions as designed.
  • Issue: When downloading the CCM and CCO logs in a CloudCenter HA setup, the link works if the user clicks the link a second time.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 includes a fix to increase the timeout value of the socket timeout to 15 seconds.
  • Issue: When you create a deployment environment with no defaults selected for  a VCD cloud and try to launch a job, the job should not be submitted. However, the job continues to be submitted and deployed.
    Resolution: The VCD configuration file in the CloudCenter 4.7.1 CCM installer is updated to address this issue. However, you must update and restart both the CCM and CCO VMs for the fix to be effective.
  • Issue: When a deployment has multiple NICs and if an existing EPG is used for the deployment, then all NICs are configured with the same information as the first NIC. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 provides a fix to ensure that the remaining NICs are not configured using information provided for the first NIC and that this feature functions as designed.
  • Issue: Restful JSON does not work for External Services for AZURE cloud.
    Resolution: When deploying external services in the Azure cloud environment, the JSON data popup did not work when you clicked the Restful JSON button. Effective CloudCenter 4.7.1, this popup displays as designed.
  • Issue: Global parameters are being passed to the IPAM callout script but not to the ipamDealloc script.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 contains a fix to ensure that global parameters are passed to the ipamDealloc script.
  • Issue: Users are unable to login to the CCM UI when using Internet Explorer for CloudCenter 4.7.
    Resolution: This issue is addressed in CloudCenter 4.7.1 and users can now log into the CCM UI.
  • Issue: If the admin user tries to delete a tenant user, it fails to delete the key and issues an error.
    Resolution: CloudCenter 4.7.1 provides a fix for this issue and the key is deleted as designed.
  • Issue: After installing CloudCenter 4.7.1, the external lifecycle script (that runs on a container in the Azure cloud environment) cannot access the password type global parameter. As a workaround, you could use the string type global parameter instead of the password type global parameter – depending on your security setup.
    Resolution: CloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the passwords are decrypted before passing to the lifecycle action scripts and callouts.

  • Issue: If you configure a HTTPS repository in the CCM instance and configure an application to use this repository, the SSL credentials are visible in plain text after the application deployment in the cliqr-agent.log file.
    Resolution: CloudCenter provides a fix to ensure that the passwords are masked (asterisk symbols replace the password) in the cliqr-agent.log file.
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