CCO (Required)

The transparent to users CloudCenter Orchestrator (CCO) is deployed to every supported cloud region. The CCO is a backend server that intelligently interacts with cloud endpoints to handle application deployment and runtime management. CCO decouples an application from its underlying cloud infrastructure in order to reduce the cloud deployment complexity.

A single CCO can manage up to 10,000 Virtual Machines (VMs) in a cloud region.

 Cloud-Specific References
Cloud Type

Supports One (Only one combination of these per CCO)

Supports Multiple (Any number of these per CCO)

  • Accounts
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

vCenterOne vCenter
  • Datacenter objects
  • Clusters
  • Resource pools
  • Accounts
  • Datastores
  • Datastore clusters
  • Tenants
  • Networks
  • Networks
  • Cloud services
  • Accounts
  • Networks