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CloudCenter Architecture and Component Overview

Architectural Overview

C3 Arch

Per Cloud Region

Cloud Region refers to single public cloud region, private virtualized datacenter, or private cloud supported by CloudCenter. Each cloud region is identified in the CCM UI when you configure clouds. For every cloud region that needs to be managed by the CloudCenter platform, you must install, setup, and configure the following  CloudCenter components.

For a list of clouds supported by CloudCenter:

Component Overview

Per Cloud Region?
More Details
Dedicated External Script ExecutorConditionalYesSee External Script Executor
Dedicated Guacamole ServerOptionalYesSee AMQP > Guacamole
Health MonitorOptionalNoSee Cloud Health Monitor
Bundle StoreOptionalNoSee Bundle Store
Package StoreConditionalNoSee Package Store
Dedicated Docker Registry for ServicesOptionalNoSee Dedicated Docker Registry
Base OS ImageOptionalNoSee Base OS Image Preparation below.

Base OS Image Preparation

You can also use the CloudCenter installer binary to create CloudCenter-enabled images on different clouds and regions. Some clouds, such as VMware, SoftLayer, and DiData, that do not support dynamic bootstrapping will require base OS image preparation. See Base OS Images for additional context.

Network Architecture

  • Non-HA Architecture

    CloudCenter Network Architecture

  • Non-HA Standalone Architecture

    Standalone Architecture

  • HA Architecture

    HA Network Architecture

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