CloudCenter Features


CloudCenter provides organizations with the process and tools to build and manage cloud-agnostic application profiles and related artifact repositories so you can review your architectural requirements and determine the type of profile for your environment:

  • Use CloudCenter-supported images or custom/private images
  • Use CloudCenter-supported services or custom/private services
  • Use CloudCenter-supported applications or import a custom application
  • Write additional scripts or import custom/pre-written scripts
  • Use your own application data, files, and packages
  • Use applications that already contain data
  • Model imported applications from the Marketplace (published or private )
  • Clone unpublished applications listed or create new applications using the topology modeler

See Model for additional details.


Enables organizations to migrate existing applications (homegrown or commercial) or onboard new applications to cloud infrastructures using CloudCenter:

  • Create a cloud management profile for any application: desktop, computing, web, or other enterprise application
  • Drag and drop the required tiers for each application
  • Graphically view the topology for each application
  • Isolate your application's requirements from the cloud dependencies
  • Try out your application on multiple clouds
  • Deploy new or existing applications (with our without data)

See Deploy for additional details.


Equips organizations to manage application deployments and perform ongoing operations using CloudCenter. In doing so, you achieve the following benefits:

  • Measure price, performance, and other factors to choose the best cloud for your application
  • Benchmark applications
  • Perform cross-cloud release management tasks
  • Manage the application's lifecycle management activities
  • Implement policy-driven automation for each deployment
  • Perform batch computing tasks
  • Upgrade deployments
  • Manage application marketplaces for fee-based purposes (see Tenant Billing > Meter Applications)

See Manage for additional details.

Administer and Govern

Allows organizations to manage and govern multiple tenants (organizations) and multiple users (or groups of users). This type of multi-tenant, multi-user governance allows the admin to set granular permissions and controls for objects within the CloudCenter framework:

  • Role-based access control
  • Cloud control granularity policies based on cost
  • Cloud accounts management
  • Financial controls such as chargeback and budget control plans
  • Tag-based placement policies to implement conditional governance (alpha)

See Govern and Administer for additional details.



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