Managed VM Inventory Report


To view the Managed VM Inventory Report, click Admin > All Reports and select Managed VM Inventory Report from the dropdown arrow list next to the report name.

Report Details

This report provides details across cloud regions and across cloud accounts.

The top section of the Managed VM Inventory report displays managed inventory information for your the selected tenant (default = your tenant):

  • Total Compute Cost (see Cloud Costs)
  • Run Time – operational hours for VMs

    The Managed VM Inventory report displays the run time only for VMs. External services are not associated with this report. So the run time numbers for this report may not match the run time numbers for other reports like the Usage Summary Report and Usage Details Report as those reports account for external services run time numbers as well


  • Current Running VMs (includes NodeStarting, NodeStarted, NodeReady, NodeReachable, NodeResumed, NodeRebooted, and NodeError states. See Deployment and VM States for additional context)

Additionally, you can view the breakdown for each sub-tenant within your tenant by selecting a specific sub-tenant as displayed in the following image.

See Reports Overview > VM Actions for additional details on the actions that you can perform on any VM included in this report.

Column Filters

You can filter (cog icon, see Reports Overview) the Managed VM Inventory Report by the following columns:

Additional Options

You can filter this report using additional date options and search terms as well as download this report. See Reports Overview for additional details.



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