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Service-Related Terms


A reusable component that operates on the Base OS Images and can be defined to capture framework dependencies (called when you onboard or migrate one or more applications).

Service library

A collection of Base OS Images (out-of-box) and custom images that are included in application profile and supports composite application topology including images, services, and containers.

System serviceAny Supported Services.
Parent service

The service category or a group determined by the admin when defining a service. For example, MySql and Oracle services both have the Database category (or group) as its parent. See Topology Modeler > Topology Modeler Services for additional context.

Custom service

A user-defined service that resides in the service library.

External service
Composite application topologyAn application stack that includes a variety of formats of services, images, and containers.
Topology ModelerA CCM UI tool used to model an application profile using various profile templates and out of box services, images, and containers.
Service Lifecycle Actions

The actions to per-determine granular steps of the service deployment process (start, stop, upgrade, delete, run, and so forth) for each application.

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