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The CloudCenter Dashboard


The CloudCenter Dashboard is the home page for the CloudCenter platform's CCM UI. This page provides a high-level summary of the facts that matter to enterprises in the form of dashlets. Each dashlet provides a direct link to the location where more details and options are available in the CCM UI.

The Summary Dashlet

The Summary dashlet displays information based on the Compute Cost spending, Run Time spending in hours, and the number of Running VMs. The first four items are displayed in the summary list and you can click the link below these four items to access the entire list for each section.

You have multiple options to view information in this dashlet:

  • View information:
    • View by Cloud (default)
    • View by Application
  • Summary of data hierarchy:
    • All Tenants (default, first four resources)

    • My Tenant
    • My Data
    • Sub-Tenant 1
    • Sub-Tenant 2 and so forth

While the Resource Summary dashlet on the Dashboard is visible to any logged in user, further report queries depend on the Permission Control provided to each user. If you have permission to view the remaining reports, see Usage Summary Report for additional context.

My Plan Usage

The My Plan Usage section displays the plan configured for each user by the tenant administrator. See Usage Plan for additional context.

Cloud Status

The CloudCenter dashboard lists the Health Status for each cloud in this CloudCenter deployment.


All configured clouds are displayed by default.

Cloud Health Status

The cloud health status is displayed in the CCM UI dashboard based on the cloud heath and the CCO health:

If the Health Check Manager is shut down, the status is displayed as UNKNOWN.

CCO StatusCloud Status

Cloud Checking is disabled by default. If enabled, the monitor performs operations like create volume, start VM and terminate VM, and so forth. To enable cloud checks, manually change the test_cloud field for the corresponding record to true in the CLOUD_TYPES table for the monitor server and restart the server.

Recent Deployments

This section displays the most recent deployment that was launched from your CloudCenter instance. Click the View More Deployment link to go directly to the Deployments page and to view a list of all launched deployments.

Be aware that projects are only displayed in the Project owner's dashboard. Even if other users are added to it, it will show up in the user dashboard after the project is published. See Projects and Phases for additional context.

Favorite Deployments

All favorite jobs and deployments are listed in the dashboard under Favorite Deployments. When you mark any job/deployment as a favorite by clicking the star icon next to the job/deployment, that deployment is added to this list of favorite deployments.

When you hover over a deployment name link and if the job STATUS is Deployed, then click this link to go directly to the deployed application. See Deployments for additional context.


Any time the CloudCenter platform accepts changes that you make to configurations, you may also receive notifications. In each case, the notification is displayed in this section of the dashboard. For example, Projects and Phases – each time a deployment is promoted/demoted.

Click the View More Notifications link to view the Activity Stream page that displays a list of all notifications for this CloudCenter instance.


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