Unmanaged VM Inventory Report


To view the Unmanaged VM Inventory Report, click Admin > All Reports and select Unmanaged VM Inventory Report from the dropdown arrow list next to the report name.

The Unmanaged VM Inventory uses cloud accounts instead of deployment environments to retrieve a list of VMs. As such, you must own a cloud account or have manage permissions on the cloud account if you want to view a list of non-managed inventory and take actions on one or more items in that list. You can request permission from an account owner or another user with manage permissions to assign manage permissions to you or you can add your own cloud account (if you have permission do so).

See Configure Cloud(s) to add a cloud account and Permission Control to manage permissions.

Report Details

Admins can view the list of VMs for each Cloud Region (regionId) and associated cloud account (cloudAccountId).

The top section of this report displays high-level information Unmanaged VM Inventory details for the region and cloud account:

  • Current Running VMs (includes NodeStarting, NodeStarted, NodeReady, NodeReachable, NodeResumed, NodeRebooted, and NodeError states. See Deployment and VM States for additional context)

See Reports Overview > VM Actions for additional details on the actions that you can perform on any VM included in this report.

Column Filters

You can filter (cog icon, see Reports Overview) the Unmanaged VM Inventory Report by the following columns:

Additional Options

You can filter this report using additional search terms as well as download this report. See Reports Overview for additional details.


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