WalkMe Integration


CloudCenter's integration of the WalkMe platform simplifies the CCM UI user experience. Guidance and engagement tools like pop-up balloons, notification bars, and call to action buttons guide you through multiple processes.

When you first log into the CCM UI, you see the Welcome to CloudCenter banner that helps you with the required steps.

This banner displays the minimum required resources to ensure that your CloudCenter platform is ready for production. Be sure to configure these steps to complete your initial setup. This banner is only visible to Administrators.

Walk Me Through

You also see an additional Walk Me Through engagement tool that provides access to multiple walk through flows. 

Scroll through and select a relevant help topic to launch the walk through for this topic. Admins can click the Tasks tab to view a status of the required tasks listed in the banner above.

Disabling WalkMe

End users cannot disable WalkMe from the CCM UI.

To disable WalkMe widgets in your tenant environment, set disable.walkme.help=1 in the /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/vendor/{vendor_id}/vendor.properties file.



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