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CloudHSM Integration


The CloudCenter platform supports AWS Cloud Hardware Security Module (CloudHSM), a hardware appliance that provides secure key storage and enables cryptographic operations within a tamper-resistant hardware module. 


To use CloudHSMs, the Log in as a SysAdmin must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Configure the CCM for Luna Provider (lunaProvider.jar file) to ensure that you have copied this file to the CCM server in the /usr/local/tomcat/lib directory so Tomcat can use this library. You will need to restart Tomcat so it automatically uses the lunaProvider library.
  • Each tenant requires a unique encryption key.
  • The CCM instance that interacts with the CloudHSM server must reside inside the same VPC as the CCM.
  • Reboot the CCM before re-establishing the connection to the CloudHSM.

Other References

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  2. AWS CloudHSM
  3. AWS CloudHSM Getting Started Guide
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  5. Connecting Multiple VPCs with EC2 Instances (SSL)
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