Dynamic Bootstrapping Support

The CloudCenter management agent can be dynamically installed on VMs launched from images that do not have the Management Agent installed.

The following table shows the clouds and images for which dynamic bootstrapping is supported.

Cloud NameAWSAzureGoogleOpenStackSoftLayer1Alibaba
Windows 2008Yes2
Windows 2012Yes2
CentOS 6Depends on the setupOpenlogicYesYesYesYes
CentOS 7YesOpenlogicYesYesYesYes

1 SoftLayer requires the following bootstrap scripts to be hosted on a HTTPS server instead of a HTTP server.


2 Windows with cloudbase-init (set to automatically run the user data as a script (default behavior).

Cisco supports images published (after July 2016) by Alibaba for CloudCenter's dynamic bootstrapping feature.

Google Cloud Nuances

Windows Bootstrapping does not work on default public images due to the lack of an administrator user for Google cloud. As a result, Cloud-Init (bootstrap) scripts are not executed on these instances.