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Upgrade Monitor


The LOG_COLLECTOR is a new role in CloudCenter 4.8.2. The upgrade process handles the conversion of roles from the existing MONITOR to LOG_COLLECTOR.

Convert Monitor to Log Collector

To upgrade the MONITOR to become the LOG_COLLECTOR, follow this procedure.

  1. SSH into the MONITOR instance.

  2. Download the core_upgrade.bin files in /tmp folder of the Monitor instance.

  3. Run the core upgrade to upgrade the Monitor using the following commands.

    sudo -i
    cd /tmp
    chmod 755 core_upgrade.bin
    #Set the following only if a local store is setup
    export CUSTOM_REPO=<http://local_package_store IP>
    ./core_upgrade.bin <ostype> <cloud> logcollector

    The MONITOR has been converted to LOG_COLLECTOR.

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