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Upgrade Overview


This section provides details on the nuances for the CloudCenter platform and provides important tips on how to proceed with your upgrade.

The Appliance Jar Files

Upgrading the CloudCenter version generally requires only one step – to run the latest appliance jar files on each component.

Installer Jars
java –jar <component>-installer.jar <component>-response.xml

The Core Upgrade File

In releases involving security patches, upgrade of software packages and addition or change of software packages to a component would require an additional step to run core upgrader binary file.

In these cases, run this additional step – you must run the core upgrader binary file before running the appliance jars.

The core upgrader file is available for all releases. When you run this file, the CloudCenter platform performs a version check and automatically exits – if the core upgrader file is not required for your CloudCenter version.

./core_upgrader.bin <os> <cloud> <component>

Component Upgrade Order

Upgrade each CloudCenter component in the following order:

  1. REPO

    Effective, CloudCenter 4.8.2, the CloudCenter platform converts the Monitor component to the LOG_COLLECTOR as part of the upgrade process – you do not need to delete the monitor instance and setup a new log collector.

  • Appliance jars are only applicable to the CCM, CCO and AMQP components.
  • Effective CloudCenter 4.8.2, the CCM role is no longer  supported. The existing CCM server that uses the CCM role is converted to the  CCM_SA role during the upgrade process.
  • See Virtual Appliance Overview to understand roles and modes.

To upgrade CloudCenter deployments from 4.5.x or 4.6.x, please contact the CloudCenter Support team.

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