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CLI Conventions

Cisco certifies CloudCenter CLI access for CloudCenter 4.4.3 and earlier releases.

CLI Command Conventions

CliQr CLI commands follow these conventions:

  • Use lowercase for all CLI commands. Commands are case-sensitive.
  • Use the plural form to identify each resource (images, services, apps, and so forth).
  • Use a hyphen to separate each word in the command: type-resource-operation-option-valueFor example: cli-get-ssh-keys-afasf8axaf
  • Specify cliqr: when you run any CloudCenter CLI command at the Bash prompt. The CloudCenter platform uses the rerun framework using the cliqr: module.
  • Type ? (a question mark ? followed by a space ) to obtain command line help at any time.
  • Enter the tab key on your keyboard to autocomplete a command By typing: rer tab cliq tab a tab i you automatically see the following command appear in your terminal:

Documentation Conventions

CliQr documentation uses the following conventions:

  • Bold — Type the command as displayed in bold.
  • Italic — Replace the word in italic with the appropriate value.
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