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  • New Cloud Regions:

    • AWS: Canada (Central)

    • Dimension Data: US - East 3 - MCP 2.0  NA9
    • IBM SoftLayer: Softlayer-sao-01 (Sao Paulo 01)
    • See Public Clouds for a complete list.
  • Deleting Cloud Regions
    • You can now delete Cloud Regions even after CCO has been registered.

    • Cloud owners can delete regions if there are no running deployments and no association of the region in a Deployment Environment – If there are any, remove them first before trying this operation.

    • Ensure that all the jobs submitted in this region have already been terminated.

    • See Cloud Region Configuration > Delete Cloud Region for additional context.
  • Configuring Clouds:
    • You can configuring configure a VMware vCloud Director (vCD) 8.1 cloud.
    • See Configure Cloud(s) > Configure a vCD Cloud for additional context.


  • Storage Cost:
    • The CloudCenter platform now accounts for the storage cost along with the compute cost when billing jobs.
    • The cloud storage billing includes the amount of storage used, snapshots, and is based on the storage type and associated properties like IOPS.
    • See Configure Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage Management APIs for additional context.
  • Download Logs:

    • Log files can be downloaded for CCM and CCOs.

    • You can search within each downloaded log file based on the Deployment’s JobName or Job ID to retrieve information about a particular deployment.

    • Log files for each component can now be downloaded centrally from the UI by using the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK stack) which is installed by default along with the Health Monitor component.

    • You can configure this feature when you configure the CCM Properties and the CCO Properties using the respective wizards.

    • To configure the required ports, see Phase 2: Configure Network Rules > Monitor Network Rules section.

    • You can search within each downloaded log file based on the DeploymentJobName or DeploymentJobID to retrieve information about a particular deployment.
    • See Download Log File for conceptual and UI context and Download Logs for the API context.
  • Running VM History Report:
    • The Running VM History report provides a snapshot and usage pattern for VMs for your tenant hierarchy.

    • See Running VM History Report for the UI context.