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Install Repo Using Virtual Appliance


REPO Virtual Appliance

The REPO virtual appliance contains the virtual appliances for multiple software packages and smaller components (service bundles, software packages. binaries, scripts, Docker images, and so forth) used by the CloudCenter platform. Once you install and configure the REPO virtual appliance, the included components are installed and you can configure the associated properties when required in the CCM wizard, the CCO wizard, or the AMQP wizard.

This REPO appliance:

  • Uses Nginx on a CentOS7 server.
  • Is version specific to each CloudCenter Release.
Repository ModeRoleTypePurpose
NON-HAREPOVMFor service bundles, package store, scripts, and so forth

Configure Repository Wizard Properties

To configure the repository (repo) wizard properties, follow this procedure.

  1. Invoke the repo wizard as a root user (see Virtual Appliance Process > Cloud-Specific Setup Details for a sample setup).

    Wizard Path
  2. Configure the server properties.

    Write this down for future reference!

    Write down the Field details in a printed version of the Installation Approach > Your Notes section for later use.

    Wizard Menu



    Package Store   Change Master

    Repository URL:
    Configure a master repository for this repository to sync.
    The default master is repo.cliqrtech.com. To change the URL to a different master repository, provide the URL of that repository.

    Set_MasterChange the local repo to be the master repo. The local repo will no longer sync with the master repository. You must provide and maintain the repository details (package update, image xml update, and so forth) if you select this option.
    Repo_SyncupSync up with the master repository and update all changes from the master repo if any.
    Add_ssh_keyIf the repo is used as a master repository, add the SSH keys of the local repository.
  3. Exit the Repo wizard.

  4. You have successfully installed the repo instance!

You can now proceed to Per Cloud Region (Required). Be sure to provide the REPO-specific URLs in the CCO wizard, if you have configured a dedicated package store, bundle store or Docker registry.  

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