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Bundle Store Upgrade (Conditional)

Skip this section, if:

  • You do not use custom REPO or Bundle Store in your CloudCenter setup.

  • Your CloudCenter setup was done using CloudCenter 4.8.x appliances – this is because the REPO appliance includes the Bundle Store from CloudCenter 4.8.0.

Upgrading a Bundle server involves updating (by downloading and extracting bundle_artifacts.zip file) the server with the latest CloudCenter bundle packages.

To update the bundle_artifacts.zip, follow this procedure.

  1. Create a directory under the HTTP server document root directory to reflect the CloudCenter release you are installing (for example, directory name release-4.8.2 under /var/www for Apache2 HTTP server) and create a directory named bundle under it.

    mkdir release-<version>
    cd release-<version>
    mkdir bundle
  2. Change to the bundle directory.

    cd bundle
  3. Copy or download the bundle_artifacts.zip.

  4. Unzip the bundle_artifacts.zip file.

    unzip bundle_artifacts.zip

You have now updated the Bundle Store.

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