Management Agent (Worker) Installation

The worker appliances contains the virtual appliances for the Java-based Management Agent that is pushed to all CloudCenter deployed application VMs. This file is OS specific and only available for Linux servers.

Due to licensing issues, a virtual appliance is not available for custom Windows images.

We recommend that you use the Installer method to install custom Windows images. Contact the CloudCenter Support team to use the Installer method.

Once you download the files to the required VM, the CloudCenter platform detects if the agent is missing and automatically pushes the agent to the VMs at provisioning time.

You have two options to upload the worker image so it available to be launched when required.

  • The worker1 virtual appliance
  • The bootstrap mechanism

    This component is required for clouds that do not support dynamic bootstrapping. Identify if you should use the bootstrap mechanism by referring to the tables provided in the Base OS Images section.

Virtual Appliance Method

  1. See Virtual Appliances and identify if you should download or share the required image.
  2. Upload the image to the Linux application virtual appliance as specified in Virtual Appliance Process.

  3. Provide the uploaded image ID in the worker instance as specified in Map Images.

Bootstrap Mechanism Method

See Dynamic Bootstrapping and Dynamic Bootstrapping Support for additional details.

HTTPS Dependencies

The Bundle Store configuration procedure defaults to using the HTTP protocol. If you prefer to use HTTPS to ensure a secure connection, adhere to the following requirements:

  • The Docker image on the CCO server may need to be upgraded. See Docker Image Upgrade for additional context.
  • Pre-install certificates on the Worker image.

  • Verify your cloud dependencies. For example, if your cloud is running a Python script to dynamically bootstrap a Linux VM, be aware that the Linux Worker image uses Python Version 2.7.9 or later.

    The Worker image requires Python Version 2.7.9 or later, to use Python scripts for dynamic bootstrapping purposes.

    Administrators need to assign explicit privileges to the cliqruser role if additional software must be installed.

    As part of our Security Hardening, the umask settings for all CloudCenter components is set to 077. As a result, you must set the unmask rule to 022 to install any additional software.

  • Additionally, the Python script requires that you install openssl-devel lib to support HTTPS certificate validation.