Federated Certificate Management


Effective CloudCenter 4.2, each CloudCenter component has a certificate as its identity. All required components (CCM, CCO, Guacamole, and the monitor) belonging to the same CloudCenter deployment share the Cloud Center ID (CCID) and uses a component name identifier in the certificate. See Certificate Authentication for additional context.


CA File Setup Process

Perform this procedure BEFORE you set up federated links.

To prepare a CCM to be part of a federated setup, issue the following command to setup the Tomcat server to accept multiple CAs by issuing the following command:


Download Self Certificates

To import a certificate for a linked CloudCenter component, follow this process. 

  1.  Login as SysAdmin into the CCM UI.
  2. Click Admin Console > Certificates. 
  3. In the Imported section, click Download.

    The downloaded file is saved to your default download location.