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NameView Auto-Select Settings for a Cluster

Displays the autoSelectNetwork settings for a cluster in clouds where capacity management is enabled by excluding a cluster from being auto-selected or by including a cluster in the auto-selection process. See the Enable/Disable Capacity Management section for the relevant release for additional context.

CloudCenter ReleaseIntroduced in CloudCenter 4.8.2.


  • For additional context on <PORT> usage in the following example(s), see Base URI Format.


  • This API is only applicable to VMware cloud environments.
  • To use this API, you must use an admin account or a privileged account with roles to execute Capacity Management APIs on the cloud region. This account should have cloud provider privileges with the capability of handling APIs in the cloud. Choose an account that has the privilege to access the capacity of every cluster or zone in the cloud.

ESB Header

action: get.placementResources.placementResourceId.availability

See the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) section for the relevant release for additional context.


curl -k -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u cliqradmin:40E45DBE57E35ECB "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/capacity/placementResources/2/availability"


id:			2
include:	false
startTime:	1519851783748
endTime:	1519823312000
timeZone:	"GMT-08:00"
now:		false

Request Attributes


Response Attributes

  • DescriptionUnique, system-generated identifier for this CloudCenter Resource.

  • Type: String

  • Description: Identifies if a cluster is included or excluded from the auto-selection process.
  • Type: Boolean
    • true = The resource is included.
    • false = Default. The resource is excluded.


  • Description: Identifies the timezone for your location

  • Type: String

  • Description: Identifies the date and time at which the exclusion should begin. A designation such as now indicates that the exclusion or inclusion is scheduled to start immediately.
  • Type: Boolean
    • true = The exclusion or inclusion is scheduled to start immediately.
    • false = Default. The exclusion or inclusion is not scheduled to start immediately.

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