CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

CCM_SA_PRIMARY – Configure HA Wizard Properties

To configure high availability for CCM_SA_PRIMARY, follow this procedure.

  1. Invoke the CCM wizard as a root user (see Virtual Appliance Process > Cloud-Specific Setup Details for a sample setup).

    CCM Wizard Path
  2. Configure the properties.

    Write this down for future reference!

    Write down the Field details in a printed version of the Installation Approach > Your Notes section for later use.

    Wizard Menu



    DB – Enter DB ParametersDB IP
    or Hostname

    The VIP/EIP for the master database and slave database. See Phase 1: Prepare Infrastructure > Cloud Nuances for additional context.

    When you configure the MGMTPOSTGRES_MASTER – Configure High Availability Properties, you would have configured the VIP/EIP address for the db_config_wizard already. Similarly, you must provide the EIP/VIP address for the CCM_SA_PRIMARY and the CCM_SA_SECONDARY server.

    DB Username
    DB Password

    The following credentials are pre-populated:

    • Default username = cliqr (can be changed – manually change the password on MGMTPOSTGRES VMs or RDS and then update the username in the CCM through the database config wizard.

      Be sure to change the PostgresDB password and update the file to reflect the correct password.

    • Default password = cliqr (can be changed)

      Be sure to change the default password immediately after your first login. See PostgreSQL Password for additional context.

    Configure_HAPrimary Node Private IPThe IP address of the primary CCM VM
    Secondary Node Private IP The IP address of the secondary CCM VM

    Public DNS

    Use the DNS or IP of the CCM_LB – Used by the CCO VM to communicate with the CCM VM.

    Hazelcast IP

    Provide either Public or Private IP address of the both primary and secondary CCM VM separated by comma. If the two CCM VMs are configured on:

    • The same network, then use the Private IP address.
    •  Different networks, then use the Public IP address.

    External URL

    Use the CCM_LB_IP:

    • Optional for non-HA CCM scenarios
    • Required for HA CCM scenarios 

  3. Once the details are entered, the database server begins replication configuration between the database servers followed by HA configuration and finally presents the following status messages.

    • Configuring CCM HA ...
    • Restart server (with the progress bar)
    • Configured CCM HA successfully

    After configuring HA on the CCM primary server, the following message is displayed:
    Restarting secondary ccm tomcat failed due to cliqruser may not have sudo permission.

    At this point, you must manually restart tomcat on the secondary CCM server.

  4. Run the following command on the CCM secondary server to restart the Tomcat server.

    sudo -i 
    /etc/init.d/tomcat restart

  5. Exit the CCM configuration wizard.

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