CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Deploying An Application


To deploy an application, you should have already performed the following tasks:


To deploy an application, follow this process:

  1. Access the application from the CCM UI and click Applications.
  2. Search for the required application in the Applications page.
  3. Deploy the application using one of two methods:
  4. When you submit the application for deployment, CloudCenter reads the application profile and orchestrates the following tasks with one click:
    • Provisions and configures cloud infrastructure and services based on the Application Profile requirements (compute, storage, and Networking Requirements).
    • Launches VMs to access the application packages, data, and scripts referenced in the profile and mounts them to the storage repository on the selected cloud.
    • Deploys the application components for the various tiers or steps as determined in the application profile.
    • Starts each application service in the right order based on service dependencies.
  5. During each orchestration stage, CloudCenter sends status messages to the CCM for users to track the application deployment phase and status. 
  6. After the application is deployed in the cloud, click Access<app name> to open the IP address where the application is hosted.


    Depending on the context path of the application in the application server, you may need to specify the full path in the browser (for example, http(s)://<IP address>/app-context-path).

    Configure the Launch URL field with this path when creating the application profile.

  7. Once the application is running, the CloudCenter application provides the ability to securely access cloud VMs using SSH or VNC to directly launch the application from any browser. You can use this method to troubleshoot or run one-off custom commands or scripts.

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