CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Finance-Related Terms

Application FeeThe fee charged when users import an application that has an associated cost (one-time fee, monthly fee, or a run-time fee). See Application Fee for additional context.
Base priceThe fee associated with the annual subscription plan.
BundleA prepaid card that allows users to run applications based on the capacity specified in the bundle.
Concurrent VMsThe number of simultaneously running VMs permitted to each user under a monthly usage plan
ContractAn agreement between the following units to dictate the length of the agreement with Cisco:
  • Between an organization and the root admin
  • Between the root admin and a tenant
  • Between a tenant admin and a user
  • Between a tenant admin and a sub-tenant admin
  • Between a sub-tenant admin and a user
Discount rateContracts sometimes have a discount rate that provides users an incentive to sign a longer contract. Typically, a longer contract length has a deeper discount rate. This discount is applied to a plan's base one-time fee, annual fee, bundle price, and monthly subscription fee (Cisco does not discount overage and storage fees).
Plan fee
  • Overage fee: Implemented on an hourly basis when a user runs out of the plan allowance (monthly subscription or bundle credit).
  • One-time fee: Implemented when the admin initially sets up the plan.
  • Annual fee: Implemented if the user prefers an annual charge for a prepaid plan on a specific day each year. This fee does not apply to subscription plans, as that plan is only available on a monthly basis.
Minimum chargeThe minimum number of minutes deducted from a plan when a user runs an application.
Monthly VM hoursThe number of VM hours credited to the user each month.
Maximum Running VMsThe number of VMs permitted to the user each month.
One-time FeeThe fee is charged each time the user changes from one plan to another.
Overage limit
  • The fee charged if users exceed the limit stipulated in the subscription.

  • Admins can decide if they want to charge a fee when users exceed the limit:

    • Limited: Stops deployment after reaching limit (specified fee is charged)
    • Unlimited (default): Continues deployment after overage rate kicks in (no additional charge
Overage rateThe cost per hour if a user exceeds the Overage Limit.
PlanAn agreement created by the CloudCenter admin and assigned to a user to specify the capacity or allowed usage for that user
Run time

Run time refers to the number of hours:

  • VM: The number of hours that the VM has been running as part of a deployment
  • External Service: The number of hours for which the service has been active as part of a deployment
Seed creditIf the Admin has configured any bundles in the Bundles page, then the configured Bundles are listed in the Seed Credits dropdown list. You can associate a bundle with a plan using this dropdown list.
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