CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

CloudCenter-ServiceNow Integration Overview


Using Cisco CloudCenter, service managers and application owners can easily create model once, deploy anywhere application profiles and publish them to ServiceNow.

Using ServiceNow, users can then request deployment to any supported datacenter or cloud with side-by-side cost comparison for each option.

The Cisco CloudCenter-ServiceNow integration extends IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and IT Business Management (ITBM) processes to include application deployment and management, while adding enterprise-class management and governance features.

Integration Details

Cisco CloudCenter provides an integration application that is certified by ServiceNow and is available for download from ServiceNow’s App Store. This integration allows applications and services created in CloudCenter to be published into a custom catalog in ServiceNow for consumption by specified ServiceNow users. These users can browse the catalog, configure and add applications to cart, compare deployment cost across clouds and deploy applications to their preferred cloud.

Once an application is submitted for deployment, its status can be tracked within the integration app. In addition, lifecycle actions such as SuspendResume, or Terminate can be taken on active deployments with real-time updates from CloudCenter. Users can also SSH or RDP into the virtual machines they have deployed without ever leaving ServiceNow.

All of these functions are made possible by providing a set of sample UI pages that are fully functional and developed within ServiceNow’s CMS. The user-interface is easy to understand, customizable and abstracts much of the complexity of cloud deployment and management. As part of the integration app setup wizard, each ServiceNow environment is easily linked to a CloudCenter environment and all communication between ServiceNow and Cisco CloudCenter is secure and performed through REST API calls.


The CloudCenter-ServiceNow integration application has the following benefits:

  • Certified by ServiceNow: The integration application is certified by ServiceNow and is available for download by ServiceNow customers from the app store. The application is developed within the ServiceNow application scope, instead of the global scope, in order to minimize impact on existing ServiceNow implementation.

  • Promotes DevOps: Encourages DevOps operations by improving efficiency of obtaining new infrastructure and application deployments.

  • Easy to Use: Simple yet effective user-interface abstracts cloud deployment complexities. Provides a single location for ServiceNow end users that reduces the need to train on an additional tool.

  • Reduces Cost: Scheduled deployments and termination helps reduce cost and optimize infrastructure resources.

  • Improved Compatibility: The integration application is compatible with ServiceNow environments utilizing a MID server.

  • Application Publishing: A service manager can easily model a cloud-independent application profile in the Cisco CloudCenter profile modeler with out-of-the-box or imported images, application services, and containers and then publish it to ServiceNow for consumption.

  • Service Requests: In ServiceNow, specified users can select applications and services, add them to the shopping cart, enter start and end dates, and select the deployment location based on a side-by-side cost comparison that is presented for each available cloud.

  • Workflow Approval: Route the request to approvers with projected costs to help guide their decisions.

  • Automated Deployment: ServiceNow calls the Cisco CloudCenter solution to provision cloud infrastructure resources through direct communication with the target cloud API. It then deploys and configures application images, services and data.

  • Status Updates: ServiceNow receives status and ongoing infrastructure performance updates from the Cisco CloudCenter solution. Using information from third-party application performance monitoring and service assurance tools, ServiceNow can log an incident or start a new remediation workflow.


  • One-click publishing of applications from Cisco CloudCenter to ServiceNow.
  • Provision and manages a single virtual machine or a full application stack.
  • Provides a product (application) catalog that is developed in Angular for easy customization and is not linked to the OOB ServiceNow catalog.
  • Shopping cart experience.
  • Side-by-side deployment cost comparison of configured clouds during ordering.
  • Save quotes for future use or download it for financial processing.
  • Approval workflows and email notifications.
  • Uses tags in Cisco CloudCenter for governance.
  • Scheduled deployment and termination.
  • Lifecycle actions such as Suspend, Resume and Termination of active deployments.
  • Remotely connect to deployed virtual machines.
  • Uses REST API to communicate between ServiceNow and Cisco CloudCenter.
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