CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Invoice Details

Billing History

A user's Billing History and invoice details are available in the CCM UI > User's email link > Account.

When you click the Billing history link the Billing History page displays. This page provides details on the Bill Date, your Payment Status, the bill Amount, and a link to the invoice (Details).

Click Details to view the actual invoice and line item details for the amount displayed for this bill.

Invoice Item Description

The following table identifies the columns, the possible values in each column, and the description for each line item in the invoice.

Column or Field NameDescription
Invoice Summary
Invoice Number

Example: 2-20150701.

The CloudCenter-assigned unique reference for this invoice.

Bill Start Date


The start of the billing period for this invoice.

Bill End Date


The end of the billing period for this invoice.

Billing Date


The date that this invoice was created.

Bill Amount

The billed amount (US Dollars) on this invoice.

Payment List
Payment Type

If no payment is made, this field remains blank.

paymentStatus (Deprecated in CloudCenter 4.8.x)
  • Description: The status of the payment for the specified invoice. The status depends on the payment options setup for for this tenant.

  • Type: Enumeration  




    This status is displayed once the payment is complete.

    The invoice payment is made using a credit card. The card is charged at the end of the month.


    The status after an invoice is sent to the customer and the amount is pending payment.


    An invoice is generated and sent to the customer based on details specified in the purchase order.


If no payment is made, this field remains blank.

Payment DateIf no payment is made, this field remains blank.
Usage Summary
DateDate of this record.
Deployment Name

The name of the deployment or job. 

The deployment link is only available to the person who runs the deployment and the person who pays for the deployment. See CloudCenter Cost and Fees for additional context.

ApplicationThe name of the application

The unit associated with the usage. The unit differs based on the resource.

usageUnit (Deprecated in CloudCenter 4.8.x)
  • Description: Units by which system usage is measured. This attribute can have the following values depending on the assigned plan: 

    unit ValueDescription
    NULLIndicates that this record does not have an associated unit usage.
    vmhourThe number of VM hours (float) associated with this record.
    vmmonthThe number of monthly VMs associated with this record.
    deploymentThe number (integer) of deployments associated with this record.
    dollarThe dollar amount (float) associated with this record.
    vmThe number (integer) of VM associated with this record.


  • Type: String

ChargeCost associated with this record
Plan or Bundle Used
deductType (Deprecated in CloudCenter 4.8.x)
  • Description: The type of deduction applied based on the usage plan for CloudCenter management costs.
  • Type: Enumeration



    The deduction is made from the user's time-based bundle.


    The deduction is made from the user's Subscription VM Hours balance.


    This is not a deduction. The customer is billed for the amount that must be paid in the next monthly billing cycle. For example, overage costs.


    The deduction is made from the user's budget-based bundle.
billType (Deprecated in CloudCenter 4.8.x)
  • Description: The purpose of the billing transaction associated with individual line items in a particular invoice
  • Type: Enumeration

    JOB_CLOUD_COSTThe cost associated with the cloud for a particular job
    JOB_APP_TIMEThe management cost associated with the jobs run to date
    JOB_APP_RUNThe runtime fee for downloading an application from the Marketplace
    ONE_TIME_FEEThe one-time fee charged for using a plan 
    ANNUAL_FEEThe annual fee associated with a subscription plan (see Financial Overview for the types of plans)
    SUBSCRIPTION_MONTHLY_FEEThe recurring monthly fee associated with a subscription plan
    SUBSCRIPTION_FEE_ADJUSTMENTThe pro-rated subscription charges (for the old plan) charged when a user switches from the old plan to a new plan
    BUNDLE_FEEThe fee associated with the budget bundle
    VM_OVERAGE_FEEThe fee charged for the additional VMs used beyond the allocated VMs
    CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_FEEThe fee charged if the user's credit card usage involves an associated fee

    The amount credited by Cisco for the CREDIT_CARD_TRANSACTION_FEE (When Cisco bills the user's credit card company, the money first flows to Cisco. Cisco then credits customers using this indicator.)

    ONE_TIME_APP_FEEThe one-time fee charged for downloading an application from the Marketplace (once)
    MONTHLY_APP_FEEThe monthly fee charged for using a downloaded application from the Marketplace (once a month)
    RUNTIME_APP_FEEThe fee charged for using a downloaded application from the Marketplace
    SERVICE_FEEThe fee charged with using services associated with an application profile
For UserUser ID for the user incurring this cost

Usage Details

When you Configure the Admin Account, you identify the plan and billing details for your CloudCenter contract. Based on these details you can view the usage details for this plan in the CCM UI > User's email link > Account > View Usage Details.

The Usage Details page identifies the usage fee for each service type, plan or bundle used, and other cost details for each service type.

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