CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.
OpenStack Cloud Settings

The following fields are available for OpenStack cloud regions.

Cloud Tenant

Multiple OpenStack tenants share cloud accounts in the CloudCenter platform. At deployment time, the CloudCenter platform allows you to select the required OpenStack tenant. You can create access key pairs in the OpenStack console so these key pairs are visible when submitting jobs using the CloudCenter platform.

In this case, the concept of Tenant Name and Tenant ID is specific to the OpenStack cloud, not the CloudCenter platform. See OpenStack Configurations for additional context.

Availability Zone(s)The default and/or additional Availability Zone(s) for this region. See Availability Sets and Zones for additional context.
OpenStack Network Settings
  1. Toggle the Visibility  switch to determine if you want to allow your end users to use pre-configured settings.  
    • OFF: (Default) End users are not allowed to associate the public IP with the NIC.
    • ON: End users are allowed to associate the public IP with the NIC.
  2. Select the required Network in the NIC section.
  3. Select the Private IP Allocation mode in the NIC section. See IP Allocation Mode for additional context on NIC configuration.
    1. DHCP: (Default) This strategy allows the IP to be allocated by the DHCP server to the instance on server boot up. This IP address is not known prior to server boot up.
    2. Preallocate IP: This strategy allows the cloud infrastructure IP allocation to be dynamically provided before the server boots up.
  4. Add additional NICs, if required.
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