CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Password Reset


You can reset the password for a Standard User and a Sub-Tenant admin.

Password Length

Cloud Center now enforces a minimum password length of 5 characters for all settings.

Email Reminder

Passwords can expire because the tenant admin has set a maximum length of number of days for which the password is valid. The CloudCenter platform triggers emails to users to remind them to change their password before the date of expiry.


The password reset process differs based on the user:

  • Reset User Password: When you select Reset User Password from the Actions dropdown for this user, the Reset Password popup confirms your intention and displays the corresponding status at the top of the Users page.
  • Reset Sub-tenant Password: When you select Reset Password from the Actions dropdown for this sub-tenant admin, the Reset Password popup confirms your intention and displays the corresponding status at the top of the Sub-Tenants page.

Reset Password Policy

The newly reset password is displayed in the User Management page as soon as the admin resets the password for a user or sub-tenant admin. The admin can then send an email with the new password to the user or the sub-tenant admin. When an admin resets the password, the user is allowed 7 days to use the temporary password .

When the  user logs in for the first time, this user or sub-tenant admin can change the password, if permitted (see User Password Rules for permission details).

Temporary Password

Once the admin resets the password, you (user or sub-tenant admin) can click Password recovery link in the Login page.

In the Reset password page, enter the required values and click Reset, the CloudCenter platform generates a temporary password and sends an email to the email address for this profile. This temporary password expires in 7 days. If this temporary password is used after 7 days, users/sub-tenant admins cannot log in and will need to have their passwords reset again or obtain a new temporary password.

Change Password

At this point, return to the Login page and enter the email address and the temporary password (received via email). You are immediately redirected to the Change Password page:

After updating the password, use the new password for subsequent logins.

SSO Configuration

Users authenticated using SSO are not allowed to Edit AccountChange PasswordPromote to Sub Tenant Owner, or Reset User Password. 

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