CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Release Notes for CloudCenter/ServiceNow v1.5 Integration

Release date

October 4, 2017


No updates


No updates


If upgrading from an earlier version, import the update set Remove orphaned legacy UI elements v4.xml and execute the following fix scripts:

  1. CM: v1.4 - v1.x: Fix script   
  2. CM: v1.4: Remove Legacy UI


No updates

Supported CloudCenter Platforms

  • Cisco CloudCenter 4.7.x

  • Cisco CloudCenter 4.8.1

Supported ServiceNow Platforms

  • ServiceNow Helsinki

  • ServiceNow Istanbul

New Features

The UI includes a new Reports section.





A redesigned Angular UI provides better performance and stability.

Due to overall UI refactoring, all CSS/HTML/Javascript files have been replaced and overrides all UI customizations.

Order Process

Ability to select Volume Size.

  • Improved performance due to Cart state being held in a browser session (not on the server) until the browser tab is closed.
  • Additional script-based control for the Maximum instance duration and extend duration settings.
Browser Support

Improved support for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
Error Handling
  • Explicit error messages are displayed when the CloudCenter platform connection fails.
  • Additional automatic retry in case of communication failure between ServiceNow and the CloudCenter platform. Applies when:
    • Populating the service catalog
    • Obtaining quotes from the CloudCenter platform
    • Submitting a deployment
    • Suspending, resuming, or terminating job requests
Other Enhancements
  • The ServiceNow administrator can now change charts in the My Overview section.
  • All REST API calls have been moved from Business Rules, workflows, schedule jobs, UI scripts, and script includes into a single location. 
  • A new manager, CliqrAPIClientManager, created for all REST calls from the UI scripts (client callable) provides the following benefits:
    • Easy to understand code is more maintainable and extendable.
    • Easier exception handling as all REST calls are in a single location.
    • Easier upgrade process to newer versions of CloudCenter's REST APIs.
  • The following Job Management APIs are upgraded from v1 to v2 to ensure better performance.

Deprecated items

To improve security, any dependency on Cliqr API RELAY has been removed to prevent client scripts from calling any REST API calls

Known Issue

Cloud Marketplace v1.4 has the following known issue:

  • Due to changes in CloudCenter’s v2 APIs, you cannot load saved quotes and orders created in previous versions into the cart.  This issue does not have a workaround.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in Cloud Marketplace v1.4:

  • Issue: Failed WebService Global Parameter prevents other Global Parameters from loading.
     Improvements in the new UI and error handling has resolved this issue.

  • Issue: Deployment date and time may vary depending on machine locale settings. 
      Date and time are now displayed and should be provided according to the User Profile Settings in ServiceNow.

  • Issue: OS Name not always set for CloudCenter jobs and nodes.
     The OS Name is now set correctly for both Parent jobs and nodes records using the v2 APIs. 

  • Issue: Test CloudCenter Connection feature does not work.
    Resolution: Fixed the script to obtain CloudCenter connection using the correct API calls.

  • Issue: Clicking Approve occasionally causes the UI to wait for a long time to receive approvals.
    Resolution: Optimized the business rule and updated the API from v1 to v2 to update the record asynchronously.

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