CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

SSH Key Name Options


The SSH Key Name is a reference to the key that is issued at deployment time. The SSH Key Name is available in the Job Details page. The significance of this key is to know the exact key for each launched VM.

The user has the option to upload the public keys as part of the authorized keys for the application VM(s) when deploying applications.

When the user accesses the application VM, the public key for that application VM is displayed and the user must provide the private key to login to the VM.

When configuring the SSH Public Key or the SSH Private Key, users can choose to paste the key in the SSH Public Key box or select a file (use the Browse button) containing the key.

The Private or Public key provided at deployment time is not used to create the key pair on the cloud provider. Instead, it is used by the CloudCenter agent to configure the cliqruser and make the VM accessible through the cliqruser–private key combination.

SSH Options

When accessing the application VM, users can configure the following SSH options:

OptionUI ChoiceDescription
Default - no option is selectedThe CloudCenter platform-generated public key is stored along with the application VM's authorized keys.

Persist the Private Key

The Persist the Private Key option is independent of the Assign SSH Key option configuration and can be selected in tandem to ensure that the SSH key is persistent regardless of how it is assigned.

You can only upload public keys. You cannot upload private keys – a public key is always pushed to a CloudCenter-launched VM.

If you select this option, the CloudCenter generated, user-specific private key for the selected cloud account in the cloud region is pushed to the VM, in addition to the CloudCenter generated user-specific public key.

Assign SSH Public Key

The user assigns the SSH public key and not the private key. Only the user's public key is placed in in the SSH config along with the authorized keys and the user can't persist the private key since it is not part of the input.

When using the CephFS and NFS services in an application, deploy these services using the Persist Private Key or the default, no preference, SSH option. You storage browser will not function if you use the Assign SSH Public Key option.

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