Configure a Cloud and Cloud Account

CloudThe cloud that you add or update in the CloudCenter UI or by using CloudCenter APIs.
Cloud accountThe details associated with the cloud provider's account in the CloudCenter platform.
Cloud familyThe cloud provider as identified in Public Clouds, Datacenters and Private Clouds, and Container Clouds.
Cloud regionThe region identified in the CCM UI's cloud group.

Cloud agnostic

Property of an application profile that indicates if it can be deployed on any CloudCenter-supported cloud environment without modifying or refactoring code.


Reference to the CloudCenter's flexibility with not hard wiring the application profile to any cloud infrastructure.
ContainerThe container infrastructure as identified in Container Clouds.
Datacenter and Private Clouds

The cloud provider identified in Datacenters and Private Clouds.

Hybrid CloudIncludes containers, datacenter, private cloud, and public cloud environments. 
Public CloudThe cloud provider identified in Public Clouds.
Virtual IP (VIP)

The Virtual IP (VIP) refers to an IP address that resides within the same subnet as the database severs. The CCM communicates with the database server through this IP address. Use the VIP if you launch both the DB master and DB slave from the same VPC.

If using the VIP, choose an unused IP from one of the subnets within the VPC.


If you Edit Cloud Settings on the Cloud Region page (CCM UI > Admin > Clouds > Configure Region), you must save the changes to the CCO by clicking Configure Orchestrator and then Save to ensure that these changes are also propagated to CCOs.

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