CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Management Agent (Worker) Installation



To deploy VMs and run applications on VMs that use the CloudCenter platform, you need the Java-based Management Agent (referred to as agent) installed on each VM.

The Worker image provided or shared by Cisco contains the agent pre-installed using the CentOS 6 operating systems for some supported clouds. These worker images save you time as you do not need to explicitly install the agent yourself.

A Worker image becomes fully functional once you deploy the Worker VM to the cloud.


Using Dynamic Bootstrapping

The CloudCenter management agent can be dynamically installed on VMs launched from images that do not have the Management Agent installed. In this case, you do not need to upload the provided or shared image, instead, the CloudCenter platform automatically detects your selected image, verifies if the agent is installed, and installs the agent if it not installed.

Depending on the support provided by Cisco for Dynamic Bootstrapping, you can decide your approach when launching Worker VMs:

Using Cisco Images

A Worker VM refers to an empty base OS image that has the Java-based Management Agent installed. In the CloudCenter context, a Worker VM is also referred to as an Application VM.

Due to licensing issues, a virtual appliance is not available for custom Windows images.

We recommend that you use the the Manual Installation Instructions section below
 to install custom Windows images.

To use Cisco's CentOS 6 worker image for supported clouds listed in Base OS Images, you can use one of two approaches:

Manual Installation Instructions

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